Tuesday, November 28, 2006


It's pretty late... I should be in bed at the moment, i've got to work in the morning. But i can't seem to sleep. My other half is already in dreamland, dreaming of things that are precious to him. I'm one of it. :)
My day has been really long, not only are they filled with work, but also with alot of thoughts. Sometimes I wonder why things are the way they are, and why the world is filled with so much ugliness. *sigh* lets just forget about all the upsetness.. while I sit by the window and wait for that rainbow to shine thru . :)
My cards are on it's way out to the world. I've kinda made my first step in putting my card designs out to the world. I'm unable to post pictures, coz i've not taken any pictures for the first round of cards. I would be setting up a shop at etsy.com hopefully by this week, when my second round of cards are ready to be presented in cyberspace. :) anyways, time to hit the sack... i need my sleep. cheers.
I almost forgot.. :) Happy one month anniversary to my dearest hubby. It's been one month since we went and sign our papers. :) That's how fast time flies.. *muaks* love you ( i know it's nothing big to shout about.. but i kinda like celebrating funny funny days.)
p.s: terence dear.. your cards are on its way... :) hheheheheheh


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