Thursday, December 28, 2006

A belated seasons greetings

Merry Christmas!! A merry Belated Christmas!! (ermm does christmas last 12 days?) I have not been posting anything up for nearly a month, been so tied up with work and also the holiday season... ;) But i'm still around, and would hopefully start the routine of posting again. I guess the holiday season has made me a little less productive this year. (It really has, my site at etsy is still not up, my blog is outdated) Though the only productivity that i've done alot more this year .. are my greeting cards. :) and also a long awaited holiday-break to the beach. ;)

Anyways.. Merry christmas to everyone... and also A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!.. :) and to terence... your christmas pressie is with me .... :) *hugs*