Monday, October 29, 2007

a wonderful weekend

On the 28th of october, marked the one year anniversary of me and my hubby being married. :) Time does fly really fast, and it has already been one year since me and the hubby committed to spend the rest of our lives together. :)

Though we didn;t really do much .. didn't really celebrated our first year.. but being together this weekend was good enough for me . :) the time shared and spent together is the best thing anyone can hope for... i don't really need flowers and and gifts... or a fancy dinner, i've all that i want in my life at the moment and the hubby has given me more than i ever wanted. I didn't get the hubby anything as well.. just a card... but it's not the material things that matter, it's being emotionally together that matters most to me .. :)

We're pretty happy.. :) and now life looks even brighter and much more colourful... :)

happy anniversary my dearest darling .. and also happy belated birthday.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

one holiday done... more to come!

We've been back for more than a week. The trip was alright, nothing to brag about. It's just across our border. I guess if i would have gone a little further than singapore then i might have loads of things to say.

Singapore is pretty much the same... but i guess it's the things that you see there that are slightly different. But then to think about it..... most of the outlets that they have there... well we have them here.... so it's like going shopping for the same things you can get here in KL double the price.

But i must give compliments to the ladies in singapore.... wow they really know how to dress... the hubby and hubby's fren were so mesmerised by the ladies, they were doing their share of "eye washing". But seriously... the ladies there dare to dress and dare to wear everything you can think of. I myself was mesmerised by all the clothings and the dressing. HEY i must give them the credit.. they are pretty sexy.

okies enough about the singapore ladies.... back to KL... :) my wedding day pictures taken by my photographer is up on ooOoo... i like the pictures... they were taken really really nice.. :) if anyone is interested in having my photographer for their wedding... let me know i'll pass you his contacts.. :)

anyways .. time to head back to work.... and time to go do some brain storming.... hubby's birthday is tomorrow.....

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

going off on a holiday!!

I'll be heading down to Singapore this weekend... don't really know what i am going to do there but... well.. it's a break from being here in KL... (sounds sad) maybe i'll do some shopping or if my pocket restrains me from buying anything.. then well i shall do some window shopping instead. :)

My wedding day pictures taken by my bro is up on, so if you want to know what happened that day go take a look. My other pictures that were taken by my photographer are not ready yet. so that would have to wait.

Till then .. enjoy